DUST our 3rd Album was released on 24/02/2023

this album was very special for us. the whole production is all diy except the mastering this was made by pete maher.

the songs are all written in the covid19 pandemic.

to explore the sound klick on the cover

PS: Artwork was made by our drummer Mladen

The New EP "Still Alive" Released 3rd of March 2018


this EP is a very special production with a lot of soul and spirit. it´s a must have for everyone whole like dirty groove blues rock. as special is the song "Your in my Soul" with violin and cello.

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The CaoZ

The debut Album from Sempre Caoz, product by Sempre Caoz in 2010


EP was recorded at Europahaus Mayrhofen with Martin Eberharter and produced in copenhagen by Christian Hindkjaer in 2012

they also shot their first music video for the song

Riders from the devils Lane

From There To Here

It was autum when the caoz crew decided to get them new songs recorded, to be more specific Oktober 2014
It was set to be a journey in that old basement/rehersal/studio, because they wanted to go back to the roots of recording, like in the old days where you would record a song from start to finish, to catch that so beloved groove,